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C Tender 38 in a yacht share

From 6 weeks a year for 82.000€

Enjoy a C Tender 38 while sharing the expenses and obtaining the use that you are really going to give to a ship. You can buy 1/2 part of the yacht, 1/4 of the yacht or a 1/8 part, depending on your desire in use. An advantage of timeshare is that you can sell your share whenever you want, being easier than selling a boat to a single buyer. Get an 1/8th share with 6 weeks of use a year from only 82.000

  • Total length: 12.75 m

  • Official length: 11.80 m

  • Beam: 3.85 m

  • Engines: 2x 450cv

  • Peso: 7.000kg

  • People capacity: 12

  • Category: B

Pictures C Tender 38

* Precio público, Catany Baleares Corporate Group S.L. Puerto Santa Ponsa, Calvia. CIF: B16521494

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