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New Falcon boats

Falcon 760

From 26,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon 700

From 25,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon 650

From 22,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon 575

From 19,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon 520

From 15,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon 450

From 9,995€ – Incl. IVA (engine ready)

Falcon’s history

Falcon Inflatables is the evolution of what started as a hobby of one of the original industry pioneers, Marius Heyneman. His involvement in boating started in the mid 1970’s and along with a handful of enthusiasts at the time laid the foundations for the South African inflatable boat industry. Inflatable boat racing was born, and along with it demand for locally produced boats grew. In 1985, demand reached the point where it was feasible to start manufacturing. Along with the help of his wife and children, Falcon (originally Infanta until 1993) was born. Racing proved to be one of the best test platforms, but the boundaries had to be raised. Then came a National racing circuit, and later the 1000km Trans Agulhas.

Even though Falcon as achieved dominant race wins in every class ever entered, this was not enough. Adventurist Mike Baker took up the challenge and conquered circumnavigating the entire South African coastline – the only inflatable boat to ever have achieved this.Through continuous re-investing and an endless family passion, the brand grew globally, and by 1993 a new manufacturing facility was established, where all processes could take place under one roof for maximum quality control. In 2011 Falcon was the first ever boat manufacturer in Africa to adopt a full international standard MRP manufacturing control system.

Today, Falcon rigid inflatable boats are actively used in over 40 countries globally. Users range from recreational to custom-engineered turn-key solutions for specialized medical, military and commercial applications. Marius, his wife Joey, and sons Chris and Marius still share the same passion to continually raise the bar for quality, durability and customer service.

Falcon is fully approved by the South African Maritime Safety Authority and manufactured to comply and exceed strict International Standards ISO6185-3

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